“Tree of Life”

Tree of Life

Writer/Director:  Terrence Malick

Staring:  Brad Pitt, Jessica Chastain, Hunter McCracken
Overall this film is flawed.  At its core it is about the O’Brien Familty (Father, Mother and three sons–the main one being Jack) in the 1950s, and their family dynamics.  If the film had stayed with this central premise, then it would have been a really good film.  But instead we are also taken on a twenty minute journey from the creation of the universe to 1950s America, and a present day metaphysical experience with Sean Penn as the adult Jack.
The performances by Brad Pitt and Hunter McCracken–great name by the way–are excellant; as is the cinematography and musical score.  What’s also impressive is the lack of dialogue.  There is probably only about fifteen minutes worth in the entire 2 hr and 18 min film.  Credit has to be given to Terrence Malick the screenwriter, since you as an audience member can still figure out what is going on as it relates to the family dianamic.
If you were planing to watch this film, then watch in on the big screen.  It would be very difficult for you to appreciate the visuals and score on your television at home unless you have an excellant home theatre system.
Grade:  B-

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