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So which Harry Potter film has been my favorite so far?  Like the books, I am going to go with The Order of the Phoenix.  The main reason being the character of Dolores Umbridge.  My least favorite is The Chamber of Secrets.  It left my feeling ambivalent.

What makes Order my favorite?  Besides Dolores, there is a lot of emotion.  You have the death of Sirius Black, and the near fatal attack of Mr. Weasley.  This is the first time you see Harry really become a leader.  You see some of the minor characters also rise to the occasion.  And you finally have the conflict between student and master, Dumbledore and Voldemort.

How do the movies rate as films?  They’re good, but they are also like Bond films where you say, “that was a good Bond film”.  You do the same for these.  Are they great films?  No.  Will I watch them over and over again?  Yes.


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