“Harry Potter” – The Main Characters



Imagine it, half your life playing someone else.

That is what these three young actors have done:  Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Emma Watson (Hermoine Grainger), and Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley).  What will happen to them?  Only time will tell.  The one good thing for their future is that–baring a total mismanagement disaster of their wealth–none of them have to work ever again.

All three are much betters actors toady then they were back then.  Of the three, Dan and Emma have shown the most range.  Rupert in the last film was allowed a few moments to shine.  Dan has done a great job carrying the franchise.  As an actor I saw him live on Broadway during his Equus run, and he was excellent.  I most likely see him having a decent career as a character actor along the same vein as Neil Patrick Harris–a good actor, but not able to carry a movie on his own.  Emma I know the least.  I believe she has not done anything outside of the Potter films, and she has dedicated herself to getting an education.  I am most curious to see what happens with her.  Though I haven’t seen his other films, Rupert has filmed a rather quirky list of movies–ranging from broad comedy to some serious fair.  I plan to Netflix them and see what he has to offer.

Of the Harry Potter films I think Dan shined the best in Order and then again in Deathly Hallows Part I.  I thought Emma was great in Goblet, and Rupert’s best work was in Deathly Part I.  As for their worst performances, I would say Chamber of Secrets.

What do you think?


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