“Rosemary’s Baby” – DVD Review

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Writer / Director:  Roman Polanski

Stars:  Mia Farrow, John Cassevetas, Ruth Gordon

Some movies age well and some don’t.  Rosemary’s Baby didn’t.  The movie is not really a horror, but a psychological thriller.  As such, I should have liked it more.  My main issue is with the Guy Woodhouse (John Cassevetas) character.

Guy Woodhouse is Rosemary’s husband.  It is because of him and his choices that Rosemary (Mia Farrow) suffers.  Though you understand his motivation, you are never shown how he was convinced to go along with the Satanists.  This is primarily a weakness of the screenwriter (Roman Polanski) and/or the author of the book.  I include the author of the book because this screenplay is considered one of the most faithful adaptations ever completed.

Unlike other films, I think Rosemary’s Baby would benefit from a modern update.  The dream sequences would look significantly better, and the dialogue would be much improved.  This was Roman Polanski’s first American film and adaptation.  I think his inexperience in the latter and language barrier in the former hurt the finished product.

As for the DVD extras, the 1968 making-of is intolerable–how many times can two people call each other great, a genius, and any other similar complimentary terms.  The more recent interviews are worth your time and are insightful.

Grade:  C-


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