5 Best Alien Movies

When I make a list, I like to have a criteria.  So what was the criteria for my five best alien movies?  First, it’s alien–singular, not plural.  Second, it could not be an alien invasion film.  Third, no more than one movie from a franchise.  And fourth, I could have one exception for each rule.

#5:  The Man Who Fell to Earth

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Truly a bizarre film with an equally bizarre trailer.  David Bowie was at his androgynous height and more disturbing was his full frontal exposure as a Ken doll.

#4:  *batteries not included

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A sweet harmless movie for the whole family.  It is also very similar to Poltergeist in that even though Steven Spielberg only produced the film and did not direct it, his finger prints are all over it.

#3:  Enemy Mine

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A great film that should have done better at the box office.  Dennis Quaid and Louis Gossett, Jr. gave excellent and emotional performances.  The movie has dated well due to a good story and direction from Wolfgang Peterson (who’s done an amazing number of films that I really like).

#2:  E. T. the Extra-Terrestrial

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If not for the re-release in 2002, E.T. would have been #1 on this list and my favorite film of all time.  What happened?  I’m not nine anymore.  I’ve watched E.T. only twice, once in 1982 and again in 2002–both times on the big screen.  Though I have owned many Betas, VHSs, and now DVDs, and I have watched many movies many times, I fought for the longest time not to watch E.T. again.  Part of me knew the pleasure I had, the awe I felt, and the emotion I experienced was due to the fact I was a nine-year old watching this film.  When I decided to see the remastered and enhanced film on its 20th Anniversary re-release, I knew that I was not going to have that same experience.  The movie is still great; it’s just not the best anymore.  And I’m not nine anymore.

#1:  Alien

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Everything about this film is great:  story, directing, acting, editing, effects, poster, trailer–you name it; it’s great!  Not only the Best Alien Movie but also Best Horror Film.  Though I have watched this film many times, it still scares me, the last five minutes have me on the edge of my seat and agitated, the alien does not disappoint, and the film does not feel dated at all.  This is probably one of the most perfect films ever made.

Those are my top five.  What are yours?


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