Armoire “Renovation”

What exactly is an Armoire “Renovation”?  It’s a two-year old Christmas gift.

Before the “Renovation” our armoire had one shelf above the TV and one beneath.  We had the DVD player resting on the TV, the VHS on the shelf with the cable box on top of that, and the cable-modem next to that.  Under the TV, the DVDs were all over the place.  In other words, we had an unsightly mess.  We mulled over different ideas about what to do, and Edwin came up with the final solution–two shelves on top on three drawers on the bottom.

But what about this two-year old Christmas gift?  Well, my Mom as a Christmas gift offered to pay the handyman to do all the work.  Two years and persistent nagging later, we finally got the work done:



We are going to finish the drawers and shelves this weekend.  I (since I’m the only one that buys DVDs) gained a whole drawer of storage space, and all the boxes are well placed and cables hidden.

And yes, we still have a VHS Player.  And yes, I call it a VHS because my family had a Betamax.

I hope you get some ideas of what you can do with your TV Armoire.


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