“Mr. Angel” (2013) – MGLFF – Review


Director: Dan Hunt

With: Buck Angel and Elayne Angel

Buck Angel is a transgender porn star and proud of it. He was born a biological female. Today he lives as a male who is on hormone therapy and removed his breasts, but still retains his vagina.

His journey is one of discovery, acceptance, and advocacy. Growing-up athletic and a tom boy, Buck had conflict with his family after he hit puberty. The struggles with his identity lead to drug and alcohol abuse as he went from a successful female fashion model to prostitute. Eventually he found his direction and lives his life proudly. He’s proud of his vagina and that he is man. He has given voice to other transgendered female-to-males who were initially ashamed and embarrassed by their vagina.

Buck and his wife, Elayne, are very upfront, charming, and humorous people, and their personalities come through throughout the documentary. The entire film is engagingly educational. The points-of-views expressed and the world shown–the porn industry–hardly gain expression in film, but are thoughtfully displayed here.

The film is well paced and fast-moving. It never lulls or causes you to lose your attention. Overall, you leave the theatre feeling better for having learned something new.

Grade = B


Click on image to view trailer.


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