Merry Christmas! And Where I Have Been.


Edwin, Santa, Joshua, and Me

As you can see, it has been a joyous holiday season.

The Great Pumpkin brought us Joshua on October 30th to the hospital and our home on November 1st. We had much to be thankful for over Thanksgiving, and had a very Merry Christmas.

Though we had started the adoption process, we and the adoption agency were caught off guard by the speed with which everything happened. I literally got a call at work in the morning letting me know a healthy baby boy had been born and if we wanted him. That’s how quickly our lives changed, and we’ve been playing catch-up ever since.

As far as the blog goes, my priorities have changed and my time is more constrained. That being said, our lives are starting to normalize so I hope to get back on the writing wagon soon. I have been able to watch a few films at the theatre, so reviews will be coming shortly–though most likely under a new, shorter, style.

I hope you all have had a great holiday season and will have a Happy New Year.


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